About Us
About Us

Experience Designer

We are committed to meticulously planning every detail of your international trip. We handle every aspect of your planning process from choosing a destination that meets your expectations to creating a detailed itinerary with daily activities and even the specifics of your packing list.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience so that you can get the MOST out of your trip while spending the least amount of money. Everything planned with you in mind, to ensure you have the most unforgettable and authentic experience of a lifetime!

Sin duda, el haber trabajado en empresas de gran renombre en la industria del turismo, como lo es Walt Disney World y en proyectos culturales para el sector público, me dieron las herramientas necesarias para poder combinar mi pasión por los viajes, cultura, historia, gastronomía y comunicación para desarrollar este innovador concepto de servicio de viajes donde te invita a vivir una experiencia personalizada y más auténtica sin sacrificar tu confort y presupuesto. a traves de mis metodos y logísticas de viaje.

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I´m Ari

My name is Ariadna Garduno, and I’m the creator of this concept. I began my journey as a world traveler when I was only two months old; I have lived in six countries and visited more than thirty. This lifestyle pushed me to become an expert in different cultures, made me a global citizen, and inspired me to be a true globetrotter at heart.